Rangi’s fantastic blend of modern technology, hands on motivation, and excellent experience means I can always see my progress and ask any questions I have at anytime.

Rangi has given me achievable workouts which push my limits and bring me closer to my goals. He has understood what I want to gain and crafted a bespoke schedule for me and my lifestyle.

Rangi’s people skills is what makes his training a step above the competition. He is approachable, knowledgeable, and takes great pleasure in seeing his clients succeed.
— Alister, 27, Chief Technology Officer
I started going to the gym about 18 months ago. I made some okay progress at first by myself but I hit a wall where I couldn’t seem to improve my fitness, strength or physique.

I bumped into Rangi coming into the gym one day and thought I’d ask if we could have a couple of sessions just to see where I was going wrong and I can honestly say teaming up with him is one of the best decisions I could have made. My strength, stamina and physique have come on tenfold as a result of working with him.Having structures to my workouts and then sessions with Rangi where we monitor my progress really helps me stay focused and motivated for going to the gym and makes training fun. He’s also been brilliant in helping me understand the nutritional side of training.

My take on having Rangi as a personal trainer is that I get a lot more than just the sessions we have together as I carry everything we do into the sessions I do on my own. Having Rangi as a PT is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and the results I’m getting speak for themselves.
— Harry, 26
I was struggling with consistency of my exercises and the level of focus in my workouts which was making me feel like I was not achieving results. I often found that without a plan to follow and without support I was not achieving the results I wanted.

Training with Rangi Tari I found that he sat down, listened to what my goals were and set me up a schedule which was a balance between training and nutrition and helped me focus on both. I found that his direction in the workouts I have with him took me to a new level of focus on my exercises which meant I was doing more with less.

It was a really challenge to complete the workouts but Rangi pushed me hard and supported me to achieve the goals of the workout so I walked away feeling like I had achieved more than ever could on my own

A great trainer - really takes time to prepare and think about the workouts he undertakes with you.
— Jon, 41, Operations Director

Rangi is a brilliant personal trainer, I started working with him while receiving physiotherapy for a sports injury that left my knee and ankle in bad shape.

His knowledge combined with a flexible but effective approach to training was a perfect fit for me. It allowed me to reach multiple fitness goals shifting from a focus on recovery and strength to fitness and weight loss. In the process he has passed on a wealth of fitness and training knowledge.

While juggling an unpredictable job and home life demands, he has helped me become the strongest I’ve ever been and consistently fitter than I have been for years. I look forward to continuing training with him to hit my next set of targets and hope you are lucky enough to work with him too.
— Edward, 34, Television Producer
I spoke to Rangi initially to help with deadlifts and squats after worries about my form. His help with that impressed me enough to ask him to help me with my overall training.

Rangi is good at varying the workouts to stop you from getting complacent. He also is able to mold the routines around weaknesses and previous injuries without compromising on progress.

He is incredibly encouraging and approachable, always ready for you to ask a question outside of the time in the gym if needs be. His attention to the aspects of the routine outside the gym (sleep, nutrition, etc) are spot on too. I would highly recommend his services.
— Tom
I’m motivated to go the gym and I look forward to the sessions as they are varied and keep me interested. Rangi specialised training plan tailored to my needs. He follows up the exercise with a thorough knowledge of the physics and biology of the body and the latest techniques and thinking a round training. His down to earth, can do attitude is perfect for me as he goes the extra mile to help me achieve my fitness goals.
— Claudia, 44, Director
I came across Rangi after deciding I wanted to improve on functional movements. As a very friendly and approachable trainer he instantly took away any nerves I had about learning new lifts. It is brilliant being trained by someone with such passion and knowledge giving confidence every time I stepped up to the bar. I would recommend Rangi as a trainer to anyone looking to enjoy and improve their fitness.
— Phil
I started with Rangi to help gain a better understanding and variety of exercises that I could incorporate into my workouts to help make my workouts more interesting and beneficial.

Rangi has great knowledge of variety for many different movements, he is very easy going and structures workouts to how I wanted them.
— Matt, 25, Barman
I have been working with Rangi for around 6 months now to support my running. All his training programmes are individual and targeted. My running has improved significantly since training with Rangi. The sessions are enjoyable and well thought through.
— Paul