It’s about making sure everyone is cared for and looked after. That’s what I provide with my services.


Originally from New Zealand, growing up in Australia surfing at the beach, Rangi is a personal trainer by passion, taking his love of wellness, fitness, and health with him absolutely everywhere he goes. Now working with clients in London, Rangi has earned a name for himself as a trainer that places emphasis on the cold, hard facts rooted in science when it comes to personal health and fitness development.

Providing the best care possible for his clients, Rangi is a corrective specialist, custom tailoring each and every one of his sessions to the client. RHT Personal Training is a tailored fit for anyone interested in exploring 1-on-1 fitness training, pushing the boundaries, Olympic training, or just carving out a new, healthier lifestyle.

Although they are professional and serious in nature, everything is customized to fit the individual needs and strengths of the clients. That’s what fitness is all about.